Chiara’s Hertfordshire

One Does Not Simply Walk to Tring

Chiara Keating


We’ve all seen them, and most of us have trudged through unholy amounts of excrement from varying members of the animal kingdom while in them, but this was a special field (I’ll get into why later).

After a long journey – and I mean long – I found myself venturing round a little place called Tring.

Heard of it?

Me neither – or at least I hadn’t until I met my housemate, who moved back there after university had finished. Missing my friend, I decided to pay him and his family a little visit. Not really trusting myself to navigate the London underground – and finding myself unwilling to pay an extra £100 for the trouble – I thought I’d mix up my journey a bit and navigate around London, rather than through it, to get to this remote town.

Oh my God, what a mistake that was.


Here’s a little map of my journey.

Now, you may laugh at me for thinking this route would be easier to navigating than the tube – and you would be entirely right for doing so. The best part is that I had to do this in reverse to get home. And even though it took Frodo less time to get to Mordor than it took me to get to Tring, I managed to save myself £100 to spend on beer instead! So finally, after three buses and two trains, and feeling like a tired dick-head for choosing public transport to get me there (next time, I’ll take the eagles), I had made it to the Midlands where this little town is located.

On the second day of my visit, we went for a hefty lunch with my housemate’s parents in a quaint pub that seemed to be stuck between two times; it was rustic and yet somehow very modern, with wonderful food and ENORMOUS portions.

We then debated what we should do to fill our time during my stay. We came to the natural conclusion of the pub, but with the price of two pints equating to a week’s rent, we decided to go for the cheaper option and go for a walk in the great outdoors.

Nature is the best cure for boredom.

Our mini-adventure started off with a brief drive through some rather stunning woodland (sadly we couldn’t stop and get out, so the pictures were taken in a moving car) where we encountered a family of deer scampering across the road. Once I’d finished repeatedly screaming the phrase ‘oh my god they’re so cute I want one’, we carried on further into the woods until we came across our hiking spot of choice.


Earlier, I said that this was a special field, but this wasn’t just because of the company or the location. In fact, I wasn’t planning on writing this as a Lighter Journal entry at all until I wandered into this field. (Hence the lack of decent pictures – apologies.)

After casually strolling for about thirty minutes, I felt something rebound off my shoe and to my surprise it was this little purple lighter, barely used and in working condition. Being the cheapskate that I am, I saw my opportunity for free stuff and pocketed the bugger, later using it to make a fire. With a coincidence like that, I couldn’t resist giving this piece of plastic its 15 minutes by adding it into our collection.

I hope you enjoy your new home, little lighter.


Editor: Malin Lillevold


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