Bournemouth Beach

Sea, Cider, Sunburn

Matt Butler

I love blue skies. They go particularly well with blue seas and blue lighters. I also love beaches. Bournemouth beach is about half an hour away from Winchester by train. When I was at Winchester for university, I had always wanted to visit. But I never had the time or occasion to go. It’s funny how it’s after university has ended…

The occasion for this travel to the beach was my former housemate, and good friend, George’s birthday. He had planned this out in advance, a holiday to celebrate his special day with all of those he lived with in second and third year as well as his significant other. He booked out an AirBnB in the town and I’ll tell you now, it is a nice place to be. There was a hot tub in the back garden (and a nice one at that). I don’t normally go in them, or public pools, because of one important issue: I’m allergic to chlorine. I come up in rashes as red as you can imagine. However, this wasn’t going to stop me here.  Nor were the constant drink spillages into the water.

It was the beach I was looking forward to most and I’ll tell you, the journey from our house to Bournemouth beach is a beautiful walk. You could tell that the sea was nearby, and not because of the breeze or birds the size of bike wheels shooting past; the real giveaway was the Crazy Golf course at the start of the path. (No, I did not play crazy golf this time. Unfortunately. I would have smashed them all!)


The last time I was at a beach was for a gig in Brighton. You may have read my previous post on that – Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar was the name of the place. I hadn’t properly relaxed on a sandy beach in a very long time. Brighton had too many pebbles for me to lie comfortably.

This one was grand. It was sand, and was soft and warm, rather than rough and irritable. The only downside is that it’s coarse and can get everywhere (three points if you can guess the original film quote…). I always have to bring more than one towel.

Whenever I get in the sea, I feel like a fish, in that it feels natural to swim in it. I can’t deal with English swimming pools. There is always that one kid who decides to pee inside. In the sea, because it isn’t contained, it doesn’t matter as much. There’s another upside; the wave grants you an entertaining show, as others think that they can swim over them. It’s funny when the water splashes them.

This is acceptable at anytime of day.


But the greatest part is getting involved with beach-based games in the sunlight. Rocket fliers with those little whistles in them, whistling as they zoom across the sky. Trying to catch them can be difficult because they can, if thrown badly, land in the nether region of the body. That happened to me once. Bull’s-eye!

Beautiful seaside

Anyway, Bournemouth beach is perfect. If there is not enough excitement, a pub is just behind you so you can enjoy a nice pint. Or you could do what George did and go Pokémon hunting on Pokémon Go!

Probably the best beach holiday yet. I can’t wait to do it again.

Editor: Floss Hafter-Smith


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