Planet Sweet

The sweetest place in Horley, in almost every definition of the word…

Matt Butler

The colour black has such negative connotations: death, despair, evil, aggression, fear. One of the greatest villains in film history is famously dressed in black with a black helmet and a black cape. But for me, black symbolises peace. It is the colour of darkness, after all, and of night – times when we feel most peaceful.

Some of you might be confused, especially with how my last Horley featured a white lighter, intended to symbolise how peaceful I felt when I come home. But let me explain. The black lighter was chosen because it has another connotation that links in with peace: power. We, or rather I, feel most peaceful when we have power. Power can come in many ways; I feel most powerful and peaceful when I write.

In my eyes, writing fiction gives a person so much power. You become a deity, moulding worlds and playing with character’s lives. I write fantasy because I enjoy the power that comes with it. You can build from the ground up. This is the process I enjoy most.

There is a cliché that writers work best at coffee shops. There is a good reason for this cliché. At coffee shops, you have no artificial distractions (i.e. laptops, television, etc). The distractions you have there are natural. ‘People watching’ can help you in so many ways, helping you formulate your own characters based on judgements of others and what not. That is why I try to write at coffee shops whenever I can.

A perfect writing spot


Horley, unfortunately, does not have that many coffee shops to choose from. It’s mainly filled with barbershops, as I mentioned in my last post. There is a Costa there, but that’s on the other side of town, and I prefer the atmosphere of a non-chain café. Planet Sweet is the best café Horley has to offer. It is situated next to Emilio’s (yep, you guessed it, a barber’s shop!) and a sports therapist.

With a name like Planet Sweet, you would think that the cafe would serve purely sweet things. There are milkshakes and hot chocolates and desserts such as cake on the menu, but the name is quite deceiving. The café does sell ‘proper’ food as well – sandwiches, breakfasts and all the usual. I think that the name is really used to describe the people that go to the café, and the folks that run and serve the joint. They are really kind.

Perfect for people watching. ‘Cept when there are roadworks going on!

Seating is available for outdoor and indoor and the café is right next to the main road, meaning you can watch the cars go by and peer in at the drivers as they go by. Again, helpful if trying to build your characters up. Some of them look like miserable gits. But the best part of it is that the café is two seconds down the road from the Foresters, a local pub. Pints a plenty! Planet Sweet is exactly what it says it is. Or not exactly, because it’s not a planet, it’s a cafe. Obviously. Still, it is the perfect place when you are trying to develop a planet. Just remind me next time not to choose black, because I fear I may have too much power and try to turn into a psychopath with galactic conquest delusions.

Editor: Floss Hafter-Smith




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