Covent Garden

The Most Mutler-ish Journey Ever

Matt Butler

Post-university life leaves you with a lot of time alone. That’s alright, if you like being alone or you have a decent amount of friends nearby, but in my case it’s a no to both. Most of my mates are those I met at university, so I try to keep in touch with them whenever I can, but what I look forward to most are the face-to-face catch-ups.

There are three people from university who I would class as my best friends, the three I miss the most and would say always yes to meeting up with anytime they asked: Mara, Jess and Floss (yes, those people are also a part of the Lighter Journal!). Mara is out of the country most of the time so meeting up with her and finding out how she’s doing is one of my main priorities. She invited us three to meet up in London for a nice meal, Mojitos (and the other drink beginning with M), and a general chill-out session. The place we were going to? Covent Garden.  More specifically, Café Pacifico.

The Three Best-ies…


Rule one when it comes to travelling in London: know your route.  If you don’t know your route, confusion sets in and confusion leads to panic. Panic leads to anger. Anger leads to suffering! Anger is the path to the dark side. Lose yourself, you will! I am such a nerd. Star Wars jokes aside, getting lost in London, unless you have a map on you, is not good.

The last time I was in Convent Garden was a year or two ago, watching ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway’, the UK tour. My cheeks never hurt so much from laughing. Back then I was with my parents, as it was a birthday thing. Pride was going on in the city. We had Chinese, the best Chinese I’ve ever had. So much fun… and such an easy journey, as well.

Unlike this time. This time was, well… I didn’t know the route. As I indicated earlier whilst paraphrasing Yoda, I got confused and angry. I ended up using my contactless to enter, didn’t know where I was going, and then left the station seconds later. Ended up spending an extra ten quid when I really didn’t need to. Localised Earthly Chaos! (I have a scale of Chaos. Cringe all you want, but it’s quite funny and helpful actually). The whole journey was a joke. But with a nickname like Mutler, everything I do is a joke. That’s just the life.

Anyway, getting to Covent Garden was the annoying bit. But it was more than made up for by the company and the locations we went to. First, it was Café Pacifico. This was more than worth the Mutler blunder. The food was pretty darn good, if I am honest. Mara found a sweet ass deal where if you pay fifty quid, you get an allowance of a hundred.  So £12.50 each. I had a passion fruit Mojito and enchiladas for my main meal.




Although mine was nice, everyone else’s meals looked tastier. Floss had this seafood platter thing, Mara had Tacos (and I mean authentic Tacos), and Jess had Fajitas. Jess had this chilli relish with hers and it was fantastic. Really spicy. I can eat a Vindaloo, extra, extra hot Nando’s (the black bottle), but this made my lips and tongue tingle.

Time flies when you’re having fun. We were there for two hours at least, after which we went for a walk and found a neat but expensive café, Tuttons, around the corner from where we ate, for dessert and alcoholic coffee. All in all, it was a great day. My only wish is that it went on for longer.

The next time I go to London, I must remember the route. Or if it comes to it, a map. This experience reminds me of a time in Amsterdam. I thought I recognised several parts of the city I had never been to. It took us three hours to get back to the hostel and because of my amazing navigation skills, they called me MattNav.

Lesson learned? Don’t travel with me, or you will get lost!

Edited by: Floss Hafter-Smith






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