The Hobbit

The Very Best Quest

Matt Butler

The Hobbit in Southampton: my favourite pub during my time at the University at Winchester, and a source of annoyance in my life for the past few months (through no fault of their own). Before I elaborate further, I must first explain my choice for the big lighter, one that would be found in a home. The reason is, as you would expect from a man with the nickname ‘Mutler’, because I found that normal lighters are too small, only suitable for the Halflings after which the pub is named. I am Man, so I went with a lighter that would suit my height (I know what you’re thinking: that was a Lord of the Ring joke, and it was terrible).  I picked blue to match my favourite drink at the Hobbit, the Fili.

Now that’s dedication…

The reasons that The Hobbit is my favourite pub in Southampton, possibly Hampshire and beyond, are numerous. Firstly, they have a pretty amazing dedication to Tolkien. Their cocktails are fantastic and there’s a ‘drink-them-all’ challenge with each one named after a Lord of the Rings/Hobbit character. There’s also an alternative juke box – playing metal, rock and popular songs. You can probably see now why it fits me so well.


A Balrog of Morgoth


Their cocktail challenge is really cool and should be right up your street if you have the stomach for sweetness. Named the Fellowship Quest, the objective is to complete all twelve drinks. After each drink is bought, you get a stamp on a little card given to you, which has all the names of the cocktails on it (such as Fili, Gimli, Gandalf, Aragorn, etc.). Your reward? A Hobbit T-shirt. Of course, you could just buy it from the bar, but where’s the fun in that? I’d recommend completing this challenge on a Wednesday or a Sunday (known as a Fellowship Night) when cocktails are £2.50 each.

The pub has also got a booth for hot food at the back that is open on some days. It is difficult to tell what day it will be open on, but my guess is on a Wednesday and/or Sunday to match the Fellowship Nights, when it is most busy with students. If drinking isn’t up for you they have different days dedicated to different things. For instance, Monday is live acoustic night and Tuesday is for those with a passion for Magic: The Gathering, the card game.

Different strokes for different folks


On the subject of music, The Hobbit is also an opportunity for up-and-coming bands to show off their material by sending them a demo.  This is partly the reason for my source of annoyance. Members of my band, including me, have struggled to find time to finish recording so I can submit my music. I have also been unable, for the past few months, to find the time and money to visit The Hobbit one last time. It’s difficult when all of your close friends are busy.

If The Hobbit closes down within the next five years I will be deeply upset. Not only is it a great pub, it is a great place for meeting and socialising, and a must-visit for fans of the Lord of the Rings. I sincerely hope my band, Before This Silence, will play there soon.

For more information on the pub, check out their website.

To send a demo to The Hobbit:

Aaaand a cheeky link to my band’s page:


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